1 Billion Broadband Connections Enabled by Broadband Forum

1 Billion Broadband Connections Enabled by Broadband Forum

What began as a communications enabler between universities three decades ago has now exceeded over 1 billion connections – that is over half the residences on Earth!

Broadband connectivity is a cornerstone of modern life, and a catalyst for innovations and progress globally – We are proud of the key role that the Broadband Forum has played in facilitating this accomplishment. The advent of the Broadband Forum’s Technical Requirement 069 (TR-069) , the proliferation of broadband around the world began to truly accelerate, and the creation of the BBF’s TR-101 provided the foundation for the majority of broadband networks globally.

For broadband service providers, a billion installations represent an enormous opportunity for building new value on top of this foundation with new cloud-based services, enhanced efficiencies driven by virtualization and artificial intelligence, and sensational new experiences.

That said, passing the milestone also means that the industry is now chipping away at the remaining one billion potential premises in the world that have a thirst for broadband but have yet to be connected. This represents another area of huge potential opportunity and growth – both for operators seeking new markets, as well as for improvements to the quality of life of these potential subscribers.

Now with the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), the evolution of TR-069 is necessary to address the challenges of this emerging world. The Broadband Forum is on top of this, and it’s User Services Platform (USP) – fully compatible with TR-069 – is ready to take on the challenge of the future.

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