The Forum’s new Broadband 20/20 vision is about unlocking the potential for new markets and profitable revenue growth by leveraging new technologies in the home, small business and multi-user infrastructure of the broadband network. The innovative use of NFV, SDN, Ultra-Fast access and IoT (Internet of Things) and, when formally defined, 5G, enables the delivery of exciting ultra-fast broadband services, with distributed compute and storage to anywhere and any device in the home and business locations.

Service providers have always been focused on profitable revenue generating services but this is the first time this or any forum has come together as a community to take a holistic approach to new technologies and have them deliver real value, to all stakeholders.

The top 5 new market opportunities, new broadband services, software deliverables, the hybrid nature of the new broadband and the Forum’s new structure and culture of fast time to deployment are important elements of Broadband 20/20 and the project deliverables.

From Vision to Reality

In order to realize the promise of Broadband 20/20, the Forum has undergone a major restructure into eight work areas with a new culture of rapid technical development so as to incrementally deliver technical specifications, architecture, management, software data models, APIs, interoperability tests etc., around which the industry can evolve.

NFV and SDN Migration to Broadband

It’s in the Broadband market that deployment of SDN and NFV meet ultra-fast technologies, smart home and IoT to create new business opportunities. Further, it’s apparent that new types of services that are no longer tied to fixed devices can now be realized both in the network and in the home. The diagram below shows the likely migration of NFV and SDN concepts into wired and wireless broadband.