Member Contributions

The BBF recognizes the outstanding contributions of those who have shaped the growth of Broadband, worldwide

Distinguished Fellow Award

The Distinguished Fellow title is bestowed by the Broadband Forum to exceptional individuals who have over time provided a major influence on the direction and success of broadband development. Individuals who attain this honor and are recognized as BBF Distinguished Fellows are the key individuals who help the Forum break into new area's of technology, and whose vision continues to inspire our industry's growth.



Barbara Stark, AT&T
Michael Shaffer, Nokia


Les Brown, Huawei Technologies


George Dobrowski, Huawei Technologies


David Thorne, BT
David Sinicrope, Ericsson


Thomas Anschutz, AT&T
Andrew Malis, Verizon Communications


J. Rao Cherukuri, Juniper Networks
Greg Bathrick, PMC-Sierra, Ltd


Dave Allan, Ericsson


Frank Van der Putten, Alcatel-Lucent


Tom Starr, AT&T
Gavin Young, C&W Access
Bernard Dugerdil, Freescale Semiconductor

Circle of Excellence

The Broadband Forum recognizes the exceptional contributions of its members through the "Circle of Excellence" award, which is awarded at our annual meetings. Individuals are inducted into the Circle of Excellence as a one-time achievement, determined by nomination and awarded to a select few who have consistently exhibited leadership, diligence, and provided contribution that was foremost in advancing the Forum's mission.



March 2017

Joey Boyd, ADTRAN
David Minodier, Orange

September 2015

Martin Casey, Calix Networks
Diane Patton, Cisco Systems

June 2015

None awarded.

March 2015

Hongyu Li, Huawei Technologies
Scott Mansfield, Ericsson

December 2014

Jaume Rius I Riu, Ericsson

September 2014

Timothy Carey, Alcatel-Lucent

June 2014

Roberto Carnero Ros, Ericsson

March 2014

Ken Kerpez, ASSIA Inc.
Balazs Varga, Ericsson

November 2013 

Michael Langhammer, Deutsche Telekom

September 2013

None awarded.

June 2013 

Tim Sheehan, UNH IOL

March 2013 

Vincent Buchoux, LAN

December 2012 

Yves Hertoghs, Cisco Systems

August 2012 

None awarded.

May 2012

Bill Welch, Juniper Networks

March 2012

Klaus Wich, Nokia Siemens Networks

November 2011

Thomas Haag, Deutsche Telekom

September 2011

Nurit Sprecher, Nokia Siemens Networks
Elisa Bellagamba, Ericsson

May 2011

Lincoln Lavoie, UNH InterOperability

March 2011

Aleksandra Kozarev, Lantiq

December 2010

Dirk Van de Poel, Technicolor

September 2010

Fabien Le Clech, France Telecom

May 2010

Michael Shaffer, Alcatel-Lucent

March 2010

Arlynn Wilson, ADTRAN

November 2009

Hakan Westin, Tilgin

September 2009

Ron Insler, RAD Data Communications

May 2009

None awarded.

March 2009

Tom Anschutz, AT&T
Lior Yeheskiel, ECI Telecom

November 2008

Sven Ooghe, Alcatel-Lucent

September 2008

Moti Morgenstern, ECI Telecom

May 2008

Les Humphrey, BT

March 2008

William Lupton (2Wire)
Marco Quacchia (Telecom Italia)
Gilles Straub (Thomson)

December 2007

Herman Verbueken (Alcatel-Lucent)

August 2007

Yue Chen (Juniper Networks)

May 2007

John Blackford (2Wire)

March 2007

Rich Cardone (TAZZ Networks)

December 2006

Michael Hanrahan (Huawei Technologies)

September 2006

Christele Bouchat (Alcatel)

May 2006

Ed Shrum (BellSouth)

February 2006

William Lupton, (2Wire)

December 2005

Anna Salguero, (AT&T)

September 2005

Lisa Garza (Cisco Systems)

May 2005

None awarded.

March 2005

Tim Spets (Westell, Inc.)
Jeff Bernstein (2Wire, Inc.)

December 2004

Alan White (Samsung)

August 2004

Heather Kirksey (Motive)

May 2004

None awarded.

March 2004

Tom Anschutz (BellSouth Communications)

November 2003

Peter Adams (BT)
Greg Bathrick (Texas Instruments)

September 2003

None awarded.

May 2003

Martin Jackson (GlobeSpan Virata)

February 2003

Greg Wetzel (Covad Communications)
Barbara Stark (BellSouth Communications)
Rajesh Abbi (Alcatel)

December 2002

Philip Nelson (Alcatel)

August 2002

None awarded.

May 2002

Steve Aspell (SBC)
Ron Brost (SBC)

March 2002

Scott Valcourt (University of New Hampshire)

December 2001

Peter LeBlanc (Aware)

August 2001

Karen Johnson (E-site)
Bryan Way (Earthlink)
Marcille Sibbit (Nightfire)

June 2001

John Stephens (Cayman Systems)

March 2001

Franz Starnberger (Ahead Communications System)
Ted Fagenson (2Wire, Inc.)

December 2000

Fred Kaudel (Fluke Networks)
Peter Silverman (3COM)
Robert Ferguson (Oresis)

August 2000

David Allan (Nortel Networks)
Robert Ferguson (Intel Corporation)

Outstanding Contributor Award

Once a year, at the annual meeting, the Outstanding Contributor awards are given to individuals who, during the previous year, went above and beyond the call of duty within the Forum work areas by making many contributions throughout the year as well as effectively moving the consensus process forward. Both the quantity and quality of the contributions are taken into consideration.

March 2017Marta Seda, Calix
March 2017Marcos Martinez, Marvell
March 2017Guiu Fabregas, Nokia
March 2017Ron Insler, RAD
March 2017Denis Khotimsky, Verizon
February 2016Klaus Wich, Axiros
February 2016Les Humphrey, BT
February 2016Rao Cherukuri, Juniper
February 2016Ken Schneider, Telebyte
February 2016Bruno Cornagli, Vodafone
March 2015Ken Ko, ADTRAN
March 2015Ken Kerpez, ASSIA
March 2015David Thorne, BT
March 2015Martin Casey, Calix Networks
March 2015Diane Patton, Cisco Systems
March 2015Jinwei Xia, Huawei Technologies
March 2014Stefano Galli, ASSIA
March 2014William Lupton, Cisco
March 2014Diane Patton, Cisco
March 2014Yves Hertoghs, Cisco
March 2014Dean Cheng, Huawei Technologies
March 2014Frederic Klamm, Orange
March 2013Timothy Carey, Alcatel-Lucent
March 2013Konstantin Livanos, Alcatel-Lucent
March 2013Christopher Croot, BT
March 2013Roberto David Carnero Ros, Ericsson
March 2013Rao Cherukuri, Juniper Networks
March 2013Vincent Buchoux, LAN
March 2013Aleksandra Kozarev, Lantiq
March 2012Christopher Croot, BT
March 2012Lowell Lamb, Broadcom
March 2012Yves Hertoghs, Cisco Systems
March 2012Michael Langhammer, Deutsche Telekom
March 2012William Welch, Juniper Networks
March 2012Alex Fedosseev, Motorola Mobility
March 2012Tim Spets, Motorola Mobility
March 2012Yoav Cohen, Nokia Siemens Networks
March 2012William Lupton, Pace
March 2011Christopher Croot, BT
March 2011Robert Frazier, Ericsson
March 2011Alan Kavanagh, Ericsson
March 2011Lincoln Lavoie, UNH InterOperability Lab
March 2011Herman Verbueken, Alcatel-Lucent
March 2011John Blackford, Pace
March 2011Yves Hertoghs, Cisco Systems
March 2011Thomas Haag, Deutsche Telekom
March 2010Joel Pennington, ClearAccess
March 2010Aleksandra Kozarev, Lantiq
March 2010Peter Silverman, ASSIA
March 2010Isabelle Morency, Iometrix
March 2010William Lupton, 2Wire
March 2010William Welch, Juniper Networks
March 2009Dave Allan, Nortel Networks
March 2009Mauro Tilloca, Telecom Italia
March 2009Michael Hanrahan, Huawei Technologies
March 2009William Lupton, 2Wire
March 2009Peter Reusens, LAN
March 2008Peter Adams, BT
March 2008Heather Kirksey, Motive, Inc.
March 2008Hong Yu Li, Huawei Technologies
March 2008William Lupton, 2Wire
March 2008Peter Reusens, LAN
March 2008Tim Spets, Westell
March 2007William Lupton, 2Wire
March 2007Aleksandra Kosarev, Infineon
March 2007Peter Adams, BT
March 2007Jalil Kamali, Texas Instruments
March 2007Barbara Stark, BellSouth
February 2006David Allan, Nortel Networks
February 2006Jeff Bernstein, 2Wire
February 2006Ed Shrum, BellSouth
February 2006Barbara Stark, BellSouth
February 2006Herman Verbueken, Alcatel
March 2005Tim Spets, Westell
March 2005Christele Bouchat, Alcatel
March 2005George Pitsoulakis, Westell
March 2005Anna Salguero, SBC
March 2005Jeff Bernstein, 2Wire, Inc.
March 2004J. Alan White, Samsung
March 2004Mauro Tilocca, Telecom Italia
March 2004Barbara Stark, BellSouth
March 2004William Quiles, Samsung
March 2004George Dobrowski, Globespan Virata/Conexant
March 2004Jeff Bernstein, 2Wire, Inc.
January 2003Philip Nelson, Alcatel
January 2003Masami Ueda, Sumitomo Electric
January 2003Ross Cassan, Spirent