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Distinguished Fellow

The Distinguished Fellow title is bestowed by the Broadband Forum to exceptional individuals who have over time provided a major influence on the direction and success of broadband development. Individuals who attain this honor and are recognized as BBF Distinguished Fellows are the key individuals who help the Forum break into new area's of technology, and whose vision continues to inspire our industry's growth.

Circle of Excellence

The Broadband Forum recognizes the exceptional contributions of its members through the "Circle of Excellence" award, which is awarded at our annual meetings. Individuals are inducted into the Circle of Excellence as a one-time achievement, determined by nomination and awarded to a select few who have consistently exhibited leadership, diligence, and provided contribution that was foremost in advancing the Forum's mission.

Outstanding Contributor Award

Once a year, at the annual meeting, the Outstanding Contributor awards are given to individuals who, during the previous year, went above and beyond the call of duty within the Forum work areas by making many contributions throughout the year as well as effectively moving the consensus process forward. Both the quantity and quality of the contributions are taken into consideration.

Leadership Award

The Leadership award is given to outgoing, commendable work area chairs or Board members. These individuals, who have dedicated their time and leadership ability to establishing our success, have gone above and beyond the call of duty within the Broadband Forum and we thank them for their service.

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement was an award given by the Broadband Forum similar to the Distinguished Fellow Award, but for individuals who retired from the Forum. This award has been discontinued.