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How to Join the Broadband Forum

Actively participating in the work as a Broadband Forum member creates an invaluable advantage for members, especially as the exciting initiatives and exploitation of new technologies described in the Broadband 20/20initiative and our new software driven work promise to rejuvenate the broadband market. It’s the expertise and contribution of the membership that have created the vast number of installations and generated significant revenue for member companies and bring personal and professional growth of those who actively contribute. What better moment to get involved and join the Broadband Forum!

Four membership levels

To match your needs and your available resources there are four membership levels with these benefits:

Standard Membership Benefits (all levels)

  • Access advanced information on the Forum’s work and the Broadband industry’s direction ahead of the market to develop your own winning strategy
  • Track innovative technical ideas from the world’s leading companies as new revenue-generating markets are developed
  • Access a large library of technical work-in-progress contributions, meeting minutes, discussions and tutorials, member contacts on the BBF Members-only site
  • Attendance at summit and plenary sessions of annual and general Forum meetings
  • Networking with experts and leaders in many of the top industry companies
  • Use of the BBF logo to aid in promoting your company’s adherence to global standards
  • Members’ newsletter communications and updates on new work
Each membership level has additional specific advantages: Principal Member Auditing
    Small Company
Principal Member
(< $20m revenue)
& Educational

Annual Subscription($US)

$13,500 $5,800 $4,800 $1,275
  • Shape and influence the entire industry by submitting contributions to create new standards, software and best practices as work of the Forum
  • Unlimited opportunities to collaborate with your peers
  • Opportunity to represent the Broadband Forum as an industry authority
  • One vote each on all Forum issues, technical and marketing reports
  • Eligibility to run for Board of Director and Committee officer positions
  • Participate in BBF Certification Programs to meet frequently mandated RFP product compliance, increase recognition and perceived value
  • Attend all sessions of annual & general meetings, frequent conference calls (no limit to the number of participating eligible employees)
  • Eligible for committee Work Area chair positions

Choosing the right membership level

Principal Membership: Simply put, anyone serious about leadership at this innovative time in the Broadband community should be a principal member to help steer the industry and accelerate their own commercial plans. For service providers it affords the opportunity to keep the market focused on practical solutions that will drive end-customer and wholesale revenues. Principal membership offers the most value and avoids the risk of missing out on new initiatives that can change the market. The question you should ask is not “Why should we join?” but “Why have we NOT joined?”

Small Company Principal Membership represents the best value in the industry for such an influential role. This level of membership is geared for startups or companies that focus on smaller niche markets.

Auditing Membership is a great option for (i) growing companies seeking recognition for new products, (ii) Local and regional Internet service providers wanting to use the Broadband Forum work to enable new growth opportunities but have limited resources to make contributions (iii) consumer electronics companies, OTT providers, etc., who wish to track adjacent technology and business areas but do not have the available resources to actively contribute.

Applying for Membership:

For questions or to request a hardcopy of the Membership Application be mailed to you contact:

Broadband Forum, 5177 Brandin Court, Fremont, CA 94538
Phone: +1.510.492.4020 | Fax: +1.510.492.4001

Broadband Forum is a non-profit Corporation

The Broadband Forum is a non-profit Corporation operated for the benefit of its member organizations. Recognizing that its members compete, the Forum strictly observes applicable anti-trust laws. Within these laws the Broadband Forum intends to forge global agreement on technical specification, share deployment best practices, promote the market for broadband and facilitate development of interoperable broadband-based network components. See the Bylaws for full details.