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BBF Software Models

A critical area of all of the work areas int the forum is the development of software models, specifically, the development of both data and information models that accelerate the implementation of agile services. 2015 saw the appointment of Software Architect William Lupton who also leads the Software Advisory Group.

Impact on Work Areas

The emergence of SDN and NFV is clearly important in almost every aspect of the above work and data modelling impacts many of the areas.

Creating Software Projects

Software projects are projects that include software among the deliverables.

Contributing to Software Projects

All contributors to a software project must have completed a Software Submission Form (as specified by the BBF IPR Policy) that covers the project’s software deliverable types.

The recommended process for completing and sending the Software Submission Form is as follows.

  1. Extract the Software Submission Form from Appendix B of the Broadband Forum IPR policy. To download go HERE
  2. In Section A of the Form, select the second option, i.e “The Software described in an attachment to this form”.
  3. Create a short Attachment that lists the software that is covered by the Form, e.g “All Submissions of Software that will make to any Project” (or “All Data Models…” or “All YANG Data Models…” etc.).
  4. In Section B of the Form, select Option 1 (Copyright Assignment) or 2 (Copyright License Grant) as appropriate.
  5. Complete the rest of the Form (sign, date etc.) and email the Form + Attachment (as a single scanned document) to sw_ipr(at)

If Option 1 (Copyright Assignment) was selected, Broadband Forum will (as specified by the IPR policy) countersign and return the Form.

Note that if the same election (Copyright Assignment or Copyright License Grant) will apply to all software submissions, then a member need only ever submit one Form. Two Forms will be necessary only if different elections apply to different types of software. Refer to the list of Software Submission Forms for examples.

Software Submission Forms

To view the listing of Software Submission Forms go HERE. The Broadband Forum does not ensure the accuracy or completeness of the Forms.

Additional member tools and resources can be found at the BBF Wiki

YANG Models for FTTdp

TR-355 consists of seven YANG data model software specifications: common Broadband Forum YANG types, an interface object supporting xDSL and, and the ITU‑T standardized objects for start up of or VDSL, and VDSL2 configuration, status monitoring, performance management, testing and diagnostics, and Single-Ended Line Test (SELT) and Metallic Line Test (MELT) configuration and test results. The modules are publicly available via GitHub

Software Projects

Below is the list of currently active software projects.

Software Deliverable TypeProject StreamProjectTitle
Test PlansBUS Network MeasurementWT-382Test Plan for 1905.1/1a
Software ToolsBUS Software ToolsSD-354New BBF CWMP Report Tool
BUS xCONFSD-376CWMP Data Model/YANG Translation Rules and Tools
APIsBUS USPWT-369User Service Platform
TR-069 Data ModelsBUS CWMP Data ModelWT-140a3TR-069 Data Model for Storage Enabled Devices
WT-181i2a12Device Data Model for TR-069
WT-196i2c3Femto Access Point Service Data Model
YANG Data ModelsCommmon YANGWT-383Common YANG Modules
FAN PON ManagementWT-385YANG Models for Management of ITU-T PON
WT-394YANG model for Management of PON ONUs
FTTdp ManagementWT-355a1YANG Modules for FTTdp Management
WT-374YANG Models for Management of Systems
SDN for MSBNWT-368Yang Models for access nodes in SDN