Gfast Council and Certification

The Gfast council was formed to centralize and disseminate the expertise and experience of the Gfast market in order to facilitate the rapid deployment of Gfast implementations. Gfast council chair introduces the council in the video below.

See the full story in the June 2017 news release and expand for more on the Gfast Council

Click here for the ‘Broadband Forum Launches Gfast Council’ press release (June 2017)

MARKET UPDATE: Service Providers Leveraging Gfast to Complement Fiber Optic Infrastructure (MU-449)

Gfast: What it is and what it does

Gfast delivers gigabit faster by extending fiber broadband over existing wiring

Gigabit broadband access technology

  • Up to 2 gigabits per second dedicated per customer
  • Dynamic bandwidth brings upstream/upload speed comparable to downstream/download speed

Deploys faster by extending fiber to existing wiring infrastructure

  • Eliminates the need for new construction work in and to premises
  • No customer disruption
  • Self-installation applies in many locations

Brings ultrafast broadband to more users by lowering cost of deployment

  • Minimizing infrastructure construction
  • Civil works approval requirements minimized
  • Reverse power feed provides lower cost power alternative
  • No new fiber in the last segment


  • It is anticipated that Gfast installations will be significantly larger than DSL.


Gfast: What’s the impact?

  • Recommended way to get ultrafast broadband where it is impracticable to economically deliver fiber
  • Creates new opportunities for communities who have not had the necessary broadband infrastructure to attract business investment
  • Brings high speed networking and the digital community to new areas around the world – possibly 100s millions
  • Meets the demands of delivering increasingly ubiquitous cloud-computing
  • An important new tool in providers’ strategy for ubiquitous fiber deployment

Impact is dependent of stakeholder/application

  • Enables the opportunity to run services/applications at a residence or small offices that have normally been associated with a fiber-connected metro office
  • Enables high-end consumer video and gaming experiences

Gfast Council Resources

Download the current Gfast 30″ x 20″ wallchart





The Gfast Council has made a new branding kit for the promotion of Gfast in the industry.

Click here to download the kit. Gfast logos may only be used in accordance with the Branding Guide included in the Kit.

Gfast Testing and Certification

BBF Interoperability and Certification Program
The program consists of: Interoperability plug-fests and Certification with first 6 companies certified in June 2017.

Interop and certitifcation testing is via the Forum’s approved Gfast test lab UNH-IOL. (

ITU-T, ETSI and BBF Reference Specifications

Gfast has been defined by the ITU-T in the following original documents together with later additions and amendments. The Broadband Forum’s FTTdp specifications work in concert with those of the ITU-T and ETSI.


Latest Gfast Videos Q4 2017