Introduction of new technologies always makes for exciting times and it's easy to get caught up in the excitement. However, the real motivator for change is how can that technology impact what we do, how we communicate, how we live our lives or just how we become more productive.

This usually requires new ways of thinking to replace old approaches. For the Broadband Forum this means a switch to a service focus rather than a discreet network element implementation. The advent of NFV opens the door for a distributed dynamic approach so that service platforms can appear anywhere in the network and that services and applications appear at many levels in the network. This "Everything as a Service" approach is a key element of the Forum's work and vision.

The other element in play is time-to-market. Gone are the days when an abstracted view of architectures can take five or six years to mature. Today the innovative approach is to use new technology to create user, network and application use cases; to understand the characteristics and requirements; and to develop practical implementations (often software models). This can work in parallel with standardization and can be published once initial implementations verify the promise of both the technical and commercial viability.

Broadband 20/20

The transition to the new services approach is articulated in the forum's 20/20 vision

Five important Service Areas are featured in the Broadband 20/20 Vision:
1. Ultra-fast wireline & wireless infrastructure service
2. Intelligent home/small business services
3. Seamless wireline/wireless connectivity services
4. Performance and security aware broadband services
5. Personalized network service

The work to bring these services to reality is at the heart of the Forum's current work.
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