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Broadband Forum Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program Overview

The Board of Directors of the Broadband Forum has agreed that the prime objectives of the program are to:

  • Promote the Broadband Forum
  • Promote the specific work of the Broadband Forum and the Broadband industry
  • Educate relevant groups regarding the Broadband Forum and BroadbandSuite
  • Recruit new members

Ambassadors are drawn primarily from Forum Officers, Directors, ex-Officio Board Members, and carefully selected member representatives. Member representatives are subject matter and/or regional experts. The CEO must approve member representative Ambassadors.

The CEO runs the program with the aid of a lead team consisting of the Marketing Committee Chair, Marketing Director, the Secretariat and the BBF PR agency. The lead team role is to identify, screen and actively seek appropriate speaking opportunities; such opportunities are expected to include:

  • Conferences
  • Trade Shows with attached speaking opportunities
  • Meetings of other industry bodies with interest in Broadband
  • Regulatory, research, government and other higher level bodies

The CEO decides if the Forum should provide a speaker, panelist (or Chairperson in some cases) and works with the lead team to propose a volunteer from the approved list. The lead team may will also propose topics and content for speakers and Chairs and assist with content development.

Ambassador Program Recognition

Ambassadors and their companies commit significant time and resources when they join the program. The recognition program (Members only access) is designed to ensure that Ambassadors and their companies receive regular recognition of their contributions.

Member Resources: