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Marketing Program

Our Mission

Be a catalyst to our industry; deploying resources to educate, liaise and promote new technology solutions, championing industry cooperation and expediting broadband growth.


  • Drive Broadband Forum specification adoption and implementation
  • Stimulate new technology adoption with forward looking white papers and tutorials
  • Strengthen Broadband Forum reputation and attract new Forum members
  • Enhance BBF member participation & satisfaction with a strong internal communication program
  • Create Positive Industry Buzz- motivating analyst, business and end user confidence

What Do We Produce?

Why Should your Marketing Team Participate?

Expedite Market Expansion

  • Work with your industry colleagues to establish a united position on key issues facing the industry
  • Develop positive White Papers that provide Best Practices and establish Common Solutions
  • Contribute to the market intelligence/perspective that helps the BBF build positive Analyst Relations

Corporate Recognition

  • Enjoy opportunities to link Your Company Name or Products to Successful Technical Reports and popular industry white papers
  • Take advantage of branding and product placement opportunities at Tradeshows
  • Receive editorial mentions or quotes placed in collateral and BBF website from your Executives
  • See prominent website placement of your Logo, links and Active Employees

Company Branding Opportunities

  • Explore executive speaking opportunities in our Keynote, BoFs and external Ambassador Program
  • Earn prestigious BBF white paper editorship
  • Achieve Ambassador, Award and Corporate Recognition on the BBF website & in presentations
  • Consider meeting sponsorship opportunities
  • Certify your products for listing on our Global Certification Program page

Employee Education

  • Take advantage of Technology Updates and Tutorials - keeping your staff on the cutting edge
  • Enjoy White Papers
  • Get first access to our BBF Market Trend Analysis


  • Consider BBF meeting/event sponsorship & corporate branding opportunities
  • Take advantage of all onsite networking opportunities during meeting

Stay Informed

  • To see updates on upcoming events and opportunities, please click here.
  • To join the Broadband Forum, click here.
  • If your company is already a member, but you would like to be added to the Marketing Team mailing list, please email your request to