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Marketing Program

Our Mission

Be a catalyst to our industry; deploying resources to educate, liaise and promote new technology solutions, championing industry cooperation and expediting broadband growth.


  • Drive Broadband Forum specification adoption and implementation
  • Stimulate new technology adoption with forward looking white papers and tutorials
  • Strengthen Broadband Forum reputation and attract new Forum members
  • Enhance BBF member participation & satisfaction with a strong internal communication program
  • Create Positive Industry Buzz- motivating analyst, business and end user confidence

Content Development

Our current work in progress includes:

Service Provider Managed Enterprise Services

Energy Efficient Mobile Backhaul
Seamless MPLS
Packet Optical (DWDM) Integration

To access these documents, please click here. Members only

What Do We Produce?

Why Should your Marketing Team Participate?

Expedite Market Expansion

  • Work with your industry colleagues to establish a united position on key issues facing the industry
  • Develop positive White Papers that provide Best Practices and establish Common Solutions
  • Contribute to the market intelligence/perspective that helps the BBF build positive Analyst Relations

Corporate Recognition

  • Enjoy opportunities to link Your Company Name or Products to Successful Technical Reports and popular industry white papers
  • Take advantage of branding and product placement opportunities at Tradeshows
  • Receive editorial mentions or quotes placed in collateral and BBF website from your Executives
  • See prominent website placement of your Logo, links and Active Employees

Company Branding Opportunities

  • Explore executive speaking opportunities in our Keynote, BoFs and external Ambassador Program
  • Earn prestigious BBF white paper editorship
  • Achieve Ambassador, Award and Corporate Recognition on the BBF website & in presentations
  • Consider meeting sponsorship opportunities
  • Certify your products for listing on our Global Certification Program page

Employee Education

  • Take advantage of Technology Updates and Tutorials - keeping your staff on the cutting edge
  • Enjoy White Papers
  • Get first access to our BBF Market Trend Analysis


  • Consider BBF meeting/event sponsorship & corporate branding opportunities
  • Take advantage of all onsite networking opportunities during meeting

Stay Informed

  • To see updates on upcoming events and opportunities, please click here.
  • To join the Broadband Forum, click here.
  • If your company is already a member, but you would like to be added to the Marketing Team mailing list, please email your request to