Membership Details

Details of Membership Level Privileges, Benefits and Requirements

Benefits for each membership level

Welcome to attend working sessions (all sessions apart from the Plenary) of Broadband Forum Meetings.

Unlimited access to the BBF collaborative Wiki, JIRA and Bitbucket code repository.

Collaborate with industry peers Working Committee Meetings of the Broadband Forum.

Can submit and comment on Technical Committee contributions.

Eligible for Broadband Forum Working Committee Leadership Positions. (e.g. Work Area Director, Project Stream Leader, Editor)

Eligible to provide voting representatives to work on Broadband Forum Committees.

Eligible to run for Broadband Forum Board of Director and Committee elected positions.

Shape and influence the industry by voting on all Broadband Forum issues, including approval of Technical specifications and Board of Directors Elections

SERVICE PROVIDERS: Participation in the Service Provider Action Council (SPAC) meetings, projects and calls

SYSTEM VENDORS: Participate in BBF CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS to meet RFP product compliance, increase recognition and value of BBF Certification on the BBF public website and marketing activities

Welcome to attend all sessions of Annual, Plenary or Special Meeting of the Broadband Forum

Subscribe to all Broadband Forum unrestricted email mailing lists

Unlimited Access to all member-only working and study documents, Wiki pages, contributions, and meeting minutes of the BBF

SYSTEM VENDORS: Eligible to attend Plugfest with product

Eligible to provide non-voting representatives to work on Broadband Forum Board and Special Committees. Use of BBF Logo on company marketing materials

Recognition of company membership on BBF public website

Provide input to BBF Marketing (Councils and Marketing reports)

Currently we offer:

  • Annual (Jan. 1 – Dec 31, 2019) Subscription
  • 5 Quarter (Current Date – Dec 31, 2020) Subscription

Access level


Annual Subscriptions ($US)

5 Quarter Subscriptions ($US)

Large Principal

  • More than $100m USD revenue

$ 16,350

$ 20,437

Small Principal

  • Less than $100m USD revenue

$ 6,450

$ 8,062


  • Access Period max 2 years only
  • Pre-revenue, founded 18 months or less, or <5$m revenue per year
  • Confirmation letter from Company CEO
  • Approval at the discretion of BBF CEO. Please contact

$ 2,000

$ 2,500

Large Auditing

  • More than $100 m USD revenue

$ 6,750

$ 8,437

Small Auditing

  • Less than $100 m USD revenue

$ 4,850

$ 6,062

Regional Operator

  • 500,000 or less broadband subscribers