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June 27
June 19-21
The 10th year of BBF collaboration
The Hague, Netherlands
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5G: “What's fixed got to do with it?”

Part 2: 5G Transport - the foundation of the 5G network

About the Webinar

Following our first 5G webinar on fixed-mobile convergence we turn our attention to 5G Transport - a network to support greater performance, reliability, capacity and a mass of existing and new devices. To enable this innovation, significant infrastructure and software investment is anticipated.

This webinar addresses the ability of 5G Transport as the foundation of 5G to support these new requirements. It draws from the BBF's decades of expertise and experience architecting these networks through the mobile network generations.

Why attend?

People’s viewpoint ranges from “Is transport something important” to “I know there I critical issues that I don’t have answers to.” On the webinar you will learn about:

  • The relationship between the 5G mobile and transport networks and its importance
  • How today’s transport networks support 5G and new technologies needed in future
  • The webinar will also cover the BBF's new work on 5G Transport – specifying the architecture and requirements to support 5G backhaul and fronthaul - so that you can decide how you should be involved with the BBF's work

Presented by:

David Sinicrope

Vice President, Broadband Forum
Director IP and Broadband Standardization, Ericsson
Andrew Malis

Distinguished Engineer, Huawei
Broadband Forum Distinguished Fellow