Open Broadband-Broadband Access Abstraction (OB-BAA)

Standardized, Automated Deployment for Cloud-based Access Services

Broadband Access Abstraction under BBF’s Open Broadband initiative is an open source project that specifies Northbound Interfaces (NBI), Core Components and Southbound Adaptation Interfaces (SAI) for functions associated with the access network devices  that have been virtualized.

OB-BAA facilitates co-existence and seamless migration bringing the agility to adapt to a wide variety of software defined access models as they become defined by vendors and providers in a potentially vast market.

This Open Broadband reference implementation enables standardized, SDN-automated and accelerated deployment and management (e.g., configuration, reporting, alarms, performance monitoring and fault mangement) of new cloud-based access infrastructure and services.

Inherent in the OB-BAA project is the ability to pull differing access device types, including legacy implementations, together under a single network and service management &control umbrella to be exposed to management elements such as the SDN Management and/or Control and Element Management Systems.

The OB-BAA project is designed to be deployed within the BBF’s CloudCO environment as one or more virtualized network functions (VNFs). Because the NBI and SAI utilize standardized data models and the Core components of the OB-BAA project are designed as virtualized micro-services with specified interfaces, the components of the OB-BAA project can also be adapted and deployed in other virtualized environments.