Broadband QED

A Focus on Quality of Experience

The speed of broadband connectivity has increased to a gigabit and beyond. Broadband coverage has exceeded 1 billion installations – over half of the homes on earth and a vast majority of homes in most developed countries. The combination of critical mass and connectivity has led service providers to start to focus on the quality of the broadband experience. A series of projects within Broadband Forum are now focused on the goal of quantifying, measuring, and delivering a better broadband experience.

Gavin Young, Head of Fixed Access at Vodafone and a BBF founder, shares his thoughts on the significance of reaching 1 billion TR-069 installations globally

Broadband QED (Quality Experience Delivered)

Led by Vodafone and Predictable Network Solutions (PNSol), this initiative brings together one of Broadband Forum’s oldest members with one of its newest to create “invisible” networks that will greatly enhance the quality of experience broadband networks provide.

Neil Davies (Predictable Network Solutions) and Magnus Olden (Domos), discuss the progress of the Broadband QED project - work that they are spearheading within the BBF to develop new industry testing standards to improve the broadband experience