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BNG Disaggregation – Delivering flexible network scalability

This new project addresses many if the traffic management challenges created by the rise in bandwidth-hungry broadband subscribers and the acceleration in video consumption in the network. Additionally, this project will focus on simplifying network operations, as without it operators are forced to deployed and manage multiple BNGs across numerous locations closer to the network edge to address load spreading.



Dave Sinicrope (Ericsson), BBF Work Area Director for Access and Transport Architectures, talks about the recent launch of the BNG Disaggregation project

Gfast – Delivering the Gigabit Broadband Experience Faster Over Existing Wiring

Gfast eliminates the need for new fiber construction work in and to the premises, which is the most time consuming and costly task in deploying a Fiber Network. To learn more about this technology and the Broadband Forum’s work in Gfast, click here.

NG-PON2 – The Future of Passive Optical Networking is Here

As Internet usage continues to evolve, subscriber demand for bandwidth is skyrocketing. A key driver is the availability of a wide variety of increasingly sophisticated connected devices, such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, wearables, and a growing list of “smart home” devices and sensors all exhibiting different usage connectivity needs from deterministic low latency, to sustained high bandwidth, guaranteed throughput or highly reliable. For service providers, the large-scale adoption of these new technologies presents enormous growth opportunities, but also poses significant challenges. To learn more about this technology and the Broadband Forum’s work in NG-PON2, click here.

PON abstraction interface for time-critical applications

Functional model for PON abstraction interface

For agile service adaptation int he next-generation optical access system, a new system architecture, based on SDN/NFV technologies, is required by operators. The most promising approach is to disaggregate PON functions into functional modules with open interfaces. The BBF’s all-new PON Abstraction Interface for Time-Critical Applications project develops the architecture further by specifying a PON abstraction interface for time-critical processing functions, such as Dynamic Bandwidth Assignment (DBA). To learn more about this work, click here.

Application Layer Testing – The Key to Optimizing Quality of Experience

The confluence of new networking technologies, architectures, and applications is creating an urgent need for standards in Application-Layer Testing (ALT). Every participant in the broadband service delivery value chain – network operators and service providers, network function vendors, access equipment vendors, and test systems vendors – stands to benefit significantly from ALT standardization. The Broadband Forum is leading a multi-tiered approach to standardize ALT data models, test methodologies, and applications-specific metrics with the end goal of optimizing user experience. To learn more about this technology and the Broadband Forum’s work in ALT, click here.