BBF.069 Certification

With nearly 1 billion installations globally, BBF.069 certification has catalyzed the proliferation of TR-069

Service providers face many challenges as they support the plethora of new devices, applications, and services coming online. The challenges include managing the growing number of video and mobile related devices, IPv4 number exhaustion, interoperability, and back office billing and operational support. The Broadband Forum developed TR-069, CPE WAN Management Protocol (CWMP), as a remote management platform for service providers to be able to automatically recognize, remotely provision, and maintain the variety of customers’ devices over their lifecycles. In order to assure consistency and adherence to the protocol, the BBF.069 CPE certification program is now available.

The certification program tests product functionality to certify that they are compliant to TR-069 protocol specifications.

Testing and Certification:

To have your CPE product tested and added to this list, please contact the official testing laboratory: University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory.

Companies Offering TR-069 Certified Products





For a list of upcoming CWMP TR-069 related plugfests: Testing Event Calendar

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The test houses involved in this program are independent third parties, and The Broadband Forum will accept test reports from test houses without further verification. The Broadband Forum takes no responsibility for, and shall have no liability as a result of, any action, inaction, error, breach or deficiency of a test house.