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Connected Home, CWMP, User Services Platform (USP)

The Broadband User Services Work Area provides the broadband industry with technical specifications, implementation guides, reference implementations, test plans, and marketing white papers for the deployment, management, and consumption of services by the broadband end user.

John Blackford (ARRIS), BUS Work Area Co-Director talks about the momentum gained within User Services Platform (USP)

Business Impact:

The Broadband User Services (BUS) Work Area develops specifications and publications to create a new kind of the Broadband experience for the end user and provides new means for service providers and application developers to monetize the broadband user’s connection. This ranges from managed Wi-Fi, IoT or smart home services, broadband and in-home performance management, and more – all of which open up large markets and profitable business models.


  • Develop and evolve the TR-069 CPE WAN Management Protocol and the User Service Platform (USP) to cover existing use cases, machine-to-machine/IoT use cases, and the virtualization of broadband user services
  • Develop and specify new information models to broaden the range of for which TR-069 and USP can be used
  • Develop requirements for broadband user devices and associated software
  • Develop test plans and training programs for Work Area protocols and requirements
  • Develop marketing white papers that supplement Work Area protocols and requirements


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‘Managing the Connected Home: discovering device capabilities using USP’ Webinar

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