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Testing & Certification Programs

Since 1994, the Forum has had an objective to establish interoperability in the broadband marketplace. Initially focused exclusively on DSL, the scope of that commitment has extended to meeting end-to-end broadband testing requirements including DSL, fiber, MPLS and home networking related testing. Supporting the standards set by SDOs, our program includes 1) developing common test requirements, 2) establishing a test suite which normally includes functional as well as performance tests, and finally 3) hosting test events also known as plugfests, which can include private members only multivendor plugfests, conformance testing, public interoperability demonstrations and/or certification.

Below is a summary of the programs around each area of current testing.

[TR-069 CWMP ][Fiber] [xDSL] [Approved Test Labs (ATL) Program ] []

CWMP TR-069 Related Testing & Certification

Service providers face many challenges as they support the plethora of new devices, applications and services coming online. The challenges include managing the growing number of video and mobile related devices, IPv4 number exhaustion, interoperability and back office billing and operational support. The Broadband Forum developed TR-069, CPE WAN Management Protocol (CWMP), as a remote management platform for service providers to be able to automatically recognized, remotely provision and maintain the variety of customers' devices over their lifecycle. In order to assure consistency and adherence to the protocol, the BBF.069 CPE certification program is now available.

Requirements documents associated with these specifications:
  • ATP-069: TR-069 Abstract Test Plan
  • IR-069: TR-069 Conformance Test Plan (private-members only access)
For a list of upcoming CWMP TR-069 related plugfests:
Testing Event Calendar

Fiber Testing & Certification (G-PON, EPON)

In 2010, the Broadband Forum established the Fiber Access Networks (FAN) work area, which has a close relationship to the sister working groups at FSAN. The Forum's latest fiber related initiatives include access agnostic remote management specifications, new G-PON network solutions and PON device data models, improving providers' ability to deploy hybrid networks and manage the digital home efficiently regardless of broadband transportation means. All the work to develop technical specifications related to Optical Access Nodes and associated test plans for conformance and inter-vendors interoperability takes place at (or is reviewed at) our quarterly meetings-so you know exactly where to go to ensure your requirements are met and your products are part of these industry critical global plugfests and certification program.

Fiber related requirements documents:
Fiber test plans:

The success of G-PON technologies has taken a significant step forward with the launch of the market's first ever BBF.247 G-PON Certification Program. To help the industry expedite fiber network rollout, this global BBF.247 G-PON ONU Certification program help's pave the way for swift expansion of superfast broadband and the development of new technologies. It is based on test plans developed by the Broadband Forum and work undertaken jointly with FSAN (Full Service Access Network).

In 2013 the BBF.247 certification program was expanded to address a variety of ONUs; testing various VLAN profiles and functionality. The program is open to all G-PON ONU products with Ethernet interfaces and is based on the Broadband Forum's ATP-247/IR-247 test plan. It tests conformance to TR-156 using OMCI as defined in the ITU G.988, which are the most critical standards to interoperable implementations. Additional test cases and modules for other configurations and functionalities will be added in the future to keep up with evolving requirements.

The Broadband Forum has reviewed and authorized the following independent testing agency to administer the approved BBF.247 tests and assess eligibility of products for the Broadband Forum Certification. For more information or to schedule testing, please contact the laboratory directly:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The test houses involved in this program are independent third parties, and The Broadband Forum will accept test reports from test houses without further verification. The Broadband Forum takes no responsibility for, and shall have no liability as a result of, any action, inaction, error, breach or deficiency of a test house.

Since 2009, the BBF has collaborated with FSAN (Full Service Access Network) on interoperability testing plugfests on the physical, TC and upper layers for G-PON, with FSAN leading on the first two and BBF on the last.

For a list of upcoming fiber related plugfests:
Testing Event Calendar


To drive interoperability, the Broadband Forum has developed a set of Technical Reports that provide the testing parameters for various DSL specifications.
For a list of upcoming xDSL related test events:
Testing Event Calendar

Approved Test Laboratory (ATL) Program

We established the Broadband Forum Approved Test Laboratory (ATL) program to benefit the industry by having independent, yet vetted, test laboratories, thus enabling vendors and operators to choose test labs with a heightened level of confidence that the labs have the right competence.

These labs specialize in their given areas, are well versed in the Broadband Forum specifications and help drive the goals of BBF for broadband, ie multi-vendor interoperable technologies, testing agreed performance and functional measurements to help expedite superfast broadband network deployments.

Home Networking Related Testing (

The ITU developed as the first global home networking standard created to unify home networking services and devices over any wire, including coaxial cable, phone lines and power lines. The HomeGrid Forum and the Broadband Forum are working together to develop an interoperability program to verify the adherence to the ITU standard. The Broadband Forum's role is to lead the development of the test requirements documents and test plan to be used in the HomeGrid's formal Compliance and Interoperability program.

Various plugfests are taking place and are driven by vendor interest and the industry's desire to test first silicon and to demonstrate's market potential. The specific goals of these first plugfests are to perform early tests for interoperability and compliance of chipsets from a number of vendors, validate the test suite and act as a prelude to the launch of HomeGrid's formal Compliance and Interoperability program.

Test Plans & associated work:
  • WT-208: Performance Test Plan for (in development-members only access)
  • OD-195: Test Plan for interoperability plugfests (in development-members only access)
  • SD-256: Use Case Scenarios (in development-members only access)
For a list of upcoming related plugfests:
Testing Event Calendar