Approved Test and Open Broadband Labs

Accelerating broadband progress through validation and open source collaboration

The Broadband Forum Approved Test Laboratory (ATL) program and Open Broadband Software initiative were established to benefit the industry by having independent, yet vetted, test laboratories, enabling vendors and operators to choose test labs that can validate their broadband initiatives with a heightened level of confidence in a competent and credible environment. These labs specialize in their given areas, are well versed in the Broadband Forum specifications and help drive the BBF’s goals for multi-vendor interoperable technologies, testing agreed performance and functional measurements to help expedite deployments.

The Open Broadband Software takes this one step farther to cater to the Open Source communities – offering a common hardware and software platform for an open laboratory to promote the development of network transformation and cloud evolution leveraging open source software. Each Open Broadband Software is a collaborative industry resource that encompasses proprietary, “open” source and standard implementations coming together to represent service provider existing and planned deployments.

For more information on the scope and framework for the Open Broadband Software, click here.

To become an Approved Test Laboratory and Open Broadband Laboratory the following requirements must be met:

  1. A BBF member/observer in good standing
  2. Lab is open to testing other companies
  3. Lab is accredited or is “in process” with a nationally recognized regulatory body (adheres to ISO/IEC 17025 general requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories)
  4. Lab is actively involved with the BBF (attends at least two meetings per year) and attends appropriate conference calls
  5. Lab has demonstrable knowledge of the technology under test
  6. Lab has demonstrable knowledge of the testing specification  under consideration
  7. Lab agrees to independent review by the BBF
  8. Lab agrees to support and actively promote BBF testing programs
  9. Lab agrees to gain approval from the BBF for all public statement regarding BBF testing programs
  10. Lab will supply program rules document to all customers regarding the relationship with BBF programs

We are pleased to have approved three test laboratories that meet all these requirements:

LaboratoryApproved for TestingContact
PONThierry Doligez
VDSL2 VectoringVictoria Twomey

Open Broadband Lab – North America

DSL, PON, TR-069, IPv6, GfastLincoln Lavoie
Open Broadband Lab – Asia

OpenJunfeng Ma

Open Broadband Lab – Europe

OpenCarsten Rossenhoevel

For questions or if you would like to become an official BBF Approved Test Laboratory or Open Broadband Lab, please contact us at:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The test houses involved in this program are independent third parties, and The Broadband Forum will accept test reports from test houses without further verification. The Broadband Forum takes no responsibility for, and shall have no liability as a result of, any action, inaction, error, breach, or deficiency of a test house. 

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