BBF.337 Gfast Certification

Catalyzing the mass deployment of Gfast services to MDUs... and beyond

Gfast is an ultra-fast broadband access standard for local copper loops shorter than 500m that can deliver broadband data rates up to 2 gigabits per second dedicated per customer, depending on loop length. Gfast eliminates the need for new fiber construction work in and to the premises, which is the most time consuming and costly task in deploying a Fiber Network. By reusing existing wires, Gfast eliminates the need to pull fiber to each individual home, simplifies civil works approval, avoids construction annoyance to subscribers, and helps Gigabit Broadband reach the consumer much earlier and more economically.

Gfast also is capable of delivering a symmetrical Gigabit Broadband experience. The technology currently offers two profiles:

  • 106a up to 1 Gbps in single line and 2 Gbps in bonded lines.
  • 212a up to 2 Gbps in single line and 4 Gbps in bonded lines.

The Broadband Forum offers a comprehensive Gfast Interoperability and Certification Program, consisting of Interoperability Plugfests, test results, official Certification, and logo rights. The University of New Hampshire Interoperability Lab (UNH-IOL) performs the Gfast Interop and Certification testing. The Gfast program covers over 40 Certified Interoperable products.


Gfast Certified Products

The list of certified interoperable products is now available on the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory’s website. This live site allows real-time availability of certification changes and easier views of interoperable products.


To have your Gfast DPU and/or CPE products tested and added to this growing list, please contact the official testing laboratory: University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory 

Gfast Certification Guidelines (OD-362) are available on BBF members site. Click here.

Gfast 212 MHz Certification is Here!

In March 2019, Broadband Forum announced the expansion of its Gfast certification program to include highly anticipated Gfast 212 MHz technology. (click here to read press release). Below are statements from a number of the first successful participants about the value of certification and their excitement for Gfast 212 MHz technology.

Ken Ko (ADTRAN) discusses ADTRAN's success in being one of the first companies to achieve Gfast 212 MHz certification.

Aleksandra Kozarev (Intel), BBF Board Member and Senior Manager of Standardization, discusses Intel's success in being one of the first companies to achieve Gfast 212 MHz certification

Frank Van Der Putten (Nokia), Standards Lead Fixed Networks and BBF Board member, discusses Nokia's success in being one of the first companies to achieve Gfast 212 MHz certification