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Release Program

Recently released! BroadbandSuite 6.3

The Broadband Forum packages our technical reports into distinct BroadbandSuite Releases that provide a roadmap of broadband solutions. Each new release builds on the platform of the former releases. Ultimately, the release program offers the industry a toolkit for broadband achievement.

  • BroadbandSuite 1.0 provides the technical reports needed to deliver basic high speed internet access over ADSL
  • BroadbandSuite 2.0 increases the speed by including ADSL2/2plus specifications and addressing the remote management requirements of the networked home
  • BroadbandSuite 3.0 brings fiber and bonded options into the mix, and provides specifications that ensure quality IPTV deployment and management
  • BroadbandSuite 3.1 adds VDSL2 specifications
  • BroadbandSuite 3.2 specifies the next generation home networking and management platform
  • BroadbandSuite 4.0 provides integration and migration solutions for network and management support of the new numbering protocol- IPv6
  • BroadbandSuite 4.1 offers tools and techniques for enhancing service delivery and support of the Connected Home
  • BroadbandSuite 5.0 provides the architecture, management and testing tools needed to ensure interoperability in PON deployments
  • BroadbandSuite 6.0 offers a package of 4G/LTE Ready Mobile Backhaul specifications and resources
  • BroadbandSuite 6.1 provides a Super-fast Broadband kit of tools to optimize DSL capabilities (vectoring, bonding, splitters, etc) and the latest in DSL Quality Management
  • BroadbandSuite 6.2 Fiber Interoperability Suite expands the BBF.247 ONU certification program to address new VLAN profiles and functionality test, and offers a companion OLT/ONU interoperability test plan
  • BroadbandSuite 6.3 includes vectoring testing and techniques

[ Release 6.3 ][ Release 6.2 ][ Release 6.1 ][ Release 6.0 ][ Release 5.0 ][ Release 4.1 ][ Release 4.0 ]
[ Release 3.2 ][ Release 3.1 ][ Release 3.0 ][ Release 2.0 ][ Release 1.0 ]

BroadbandSuite Release 6.3 (released June 2014)

Vectoring Testing and Techniques
Management R6.3
Network R6.3
User R6.3
  TR-249: Testing of G.993.2 Self-FEXT Cancellation  
  TR-320: Techniques to Mitigate Uncancelled Crosstalk on Vectored VDSL2 Lines  
  MR-257 Issue 2: White Paper: An Overview of G.993.5 Vectoring  
Click here to download the Technical Reports associated with Release 6.3

BroadbandSuite Release 6.2 (released June 2013)

Fiber Interoperability Suite
Management R6.2
Network R6.2
User R6.2
WT-287: PON Optical Layer Management IR-247: G-PON ONU Conformance Test Plan  
  ATP-247: GPON ONU Conformance Abstract Test Plan  
  TR-255: G-PON Interoperability Test Plan  
  TR-309: XG-PON1 TC Layer Interoperability Test Plan  
Click here to download the Technical Reports associated with Release 6.2

BroadbandSuite Release 6.1 (released April 2013)

Super-fast Broadband Toolkit
Management R6.1
Network R6.1
User R6.1
TR-188i2: DSL Quality Suite TR-114i2: VDSL2 Performance Test Plan MR-261: Motivation for Testing xDSL Splitters and In-Line Filters
MR-180: Achieving Quality IPTV over DSL TR-115i2: VDSL2 Functionality Test Plan  
  TR-273: Testing of Bonded, Multi-pair Systems  
  TR-286: Testing of Metallic Line Testing (MELT) functionality on xDSL Ports  
  MR-257: An Overview of G.993.5 Vectoring  
Click here to download the Technical Reports associated with Release 6.1

BroadbandSuite Release 6.0 (released February 2012)

BroadbandSuite™ 6.0 addresses network migration requirements with practical resources, specifications, test plans, and best practice documentation
Management R6.0
Network R6.0
User R6.0
  TR-221: MPLS in Mobile Backhaul Networks  
  IP/MPLS Forum 20.0.0: MPLS in Mobile Backhaul Networks Framework and Requirements
  TR-248/ATP-248 (IP/MPLS FORUM 23.0.0): Abstract Test Suite for TDM Services over MPLS (basis of the BBF.248 TDMoMPLS certification)  
  MR-238: Use of MPLS in LTE  
  MR-258: Enabling Next Generation Transport and Services using Unified MPLS  
  MR-234: MPLS in Mobile Backhaul Networks
  MR-245: MPLS-TP in Multi-Service Packet Network Deployments
Click here to download the Technical Reports associated with Release 6.0

BroadbandSuite Release 5.0 (released September 2011)

The new release brings together into one suite the range of fiber-related work that the Broadband Forum has been carrying out in its Fiber Access Networks working group, working closely with FSAN, the Full Service Access Network, with the aim of enabling multi-vendor interoperability.
Management R5.0
Network R5.0
User R5.0
TR-142 Framework for TR-069 enabled PON devices (EPON) TR-156 Using G-PON Access in the Context of TR-101 TR-155 G-PON ONU Requirements for CPE
  TR-167 G-PON fed TR-101 Ethernet Access Node  
  TR-200 Using EPON in the context of TR-101  
  MR-185 White Paper: Next Generation Broadband Access  
  MR-229 White Paper: Leveraging Standards for Next Generation Broadband Wholesale Access  
  MR-246 G-PON Tutorial  
  TR-247/ATP-247 G-PON ONU Abstract Test Plan
  Members Only: OD-247/IR-247 G-PON ONU Conformance Test Plan  
Click here to download the Technical Reports associated with Release 5.0

BroadbandSuite Release 4.1 (released May 2011)

BroadbandSuite 4.1, provides techniques and tools to provision, measure and manage each segment of the broadband network to ensure quality delivery of Connected Home services. This release looks at the ever expanding ecosystem of the Connected Home and addresses for the first time service requirements of triple play and beyond to include machine-to-machine applications including metering, monitoring as well as teleworking support.
Management R4.1
Network R4.1
User R4.1
TR-160 IPTV Performance Monitoring & Diagnostics TR-105 G.992.3/5 (ADSL2/ADSL2+ Functionality Test Plan MR-239 White paper: Broadband Forum Value Proposition for Connected Home
TR-252 xDSL Protocol-Independent Management Model TR-127 Issue 2 Dynamic testing of splitters and in-line filters with xDSL transceivers  
  TR-138 Validation of G.997.1 Parameters  
  TR-188 DSL Quality Suite  
  TR-198 DQS: DQM Systems and Functional Architecture and Requirements  
Click here to download the Technical Reports associated with Release 4.1.

BroadbandSuite Release 4.0 (released March 2011)

Management R4.0
Network R4.0
User R4.0
TR-124: Issue 2 IPv6 in RG Req TR-177: IPv6 for TR-101 TR-181 Issue 2 Amendment 2
TR-187:IPv6 for PPP  
  MR-244: IPv6 Tutorial  
Click here to download the Technical Reports associated with Release 4.0.

BroadbandSuite Release 3.2 (released October 2010)

The release provides a new level in remote management flexibility and dynamic application allocation-ensuring the industry can address the exponentially growing device and smart gateway requirements of next generation broadband.
Management R3.2
Network R3.2
User R3.2
TR-181 Issue 1 and TR-181 Issue 2: Device Data Model for TR-069 TR-069 Amendment 3: CPE WAN Management Protocol
TR-131: ACS Northbound Interface Requirements   TR-157 Amendment 3: Component Objects for CWMP
MR-230:TR-069 Deployment Scenarios
Click here to download the Technical Reports associated with Release 3.2.

BroadbandSuite Release 3.1 (released November 2009)

Management R3.1
Network R3.1
User R3.1
TR-165: Vector of Profiles TR-114: VDSL2 Performance Test Plan TR-157 Amendment 1: Supported Data Model Table
  TR-115: VDSL2 Functionality Test Plan TR-196: Femto Access Point Data Model
  TR-127: Dynamic Testing of DSL Transceivers with Splitters TR-106 Amendment 3: CWMP Data Model Schema (adding use cases)
Click here to download the Technical Reports associated with Release 3.1.

BroadbandSuite Release 3.0 (released October 2008)

The key capabilities of this release are triple-play augmented via GPON or bonded DSL over a QoS-enabled ethernet architecture; full support for multicast to enable IPTV streaming; and integrated remote management of set-top Box & attached storage devices.
control r3.0
access r3.0
home r3.0
TR-141: Protocol Independent Management Model for TR-101 Compliant Access Node TR-156: Using GPON Access in the Context of TR-101 TR-135: Residential Data Model for TR-069 Enabled Set-Top Box
TR-117: Broadband Trouble Reporting   TR-140: Data Model for a TR-069 Enabled Storage Device
TR-147: Layer 2 Control Mechanism for Broadband Multi-Services Architectures  TR-142: Framework for use of TR-069 with PON Access
TR-159: Management Framework for xDSL Bonding  TR-143: CPE Throughput performance Test Mechanism
TR-176: ADSL2plus Profiles for IPTV    
TR-169: EMS-NMS Functionality Reqs for Access Nodes Supporting for TR-101    
* Builds on previous releases

For more information about the benefits of BroadbandSuite 3.0 click here.
Click here to download the Release 3.0 chart (PDF file).
Click here to download all Technical Reports associated with Release 3.0.

BroadbandSuite Release 2.0 (released October 2007)

The key capabilities of this release are triple-play access via ADSL2plus over a QoS-enabled ethernet architecture and full support for multicast to enable IPTV streaming.
control r2.0
access r2.0
home r2.0
TR-128: Addendum to TR-090, Protocol Independent Object Model for Managing Next Generation ADSL technologies TR-067 Issue 2: ADSL Interoperability Test Plan TR-068 Issue 3: Base Requirements for an ADSL Modem with Routing
TR-129: Protocol-Independent Management Model for Next Generation DSL Technologies TR-100: ADSL2plus Performance Test Plan TR-069 Amendment 1: CPE WAN Management Protocol
TR-130: xDSL EMS to NMS Interface Functional Requirements   TR-106 Amendment 1: Data Model Template for TR-069 Enabled Devices
    TR-122 Issue 1.01: Base Requirements for Consumer-Oriented Analog Terminal Adapter Functionality
    TR-124: Functional Requirements for Broadband Residential Gateway Devices
Click here to download all Technical Reports associated with Release 2.0.

BroadbandSuite Release 1.0 (released October 2006)

The key capabilities of this release are internet access via ADSL or SHDSL over a QoS-enabled ATM architecture, and supports VoIP transport & VoDSL.
control r1.0
access r1.0
home r1.0
TR-024: DMT Line Code Specific MIB TR-013: Interface & Configurations for ADSL Central Office TR-061: Interfaces & System Configurations for ADSL Customer Premises
TR-027.pdf: SNMP-based ADSL LINE MIB TR-025: Core Network Architecture for Access to Legacy Data Network over ADSL TR-062: Auto-Config for DSL Broadband Network Termination (B-NT) & ATM Network Connection
TR-050: CORBA v2 for ADSL EMS-NMS Interface TR-042: ATM Transport over ADSL Recommendation TR-064: LAN-side DSL CPE Configuration Specification
TR-051: DSL Specific Conventions for the ITU Q.822.1 Performance Management Bulk Data File Structure TR-043: Protocols at the U Interface for Accessing Data Networks using ATM/DSL TR-068v2: Base Requirements for an ADSL Modem with Routing
TR-066: ADSL Network Element Management TR-059: Architecture Requirements for the Support of QoS-Enabled IP Service TR-069: CPE WAN Management Protocol
TR-090: Protocol Independent Object Model for Managing Next Generation ADSL Technologies TR-060: Interop Test Plan for SHDSL TR-098: Gateway Device v1.1 Data Model for TR-069
  TR-067: ADSL Interop Test Plan TR-104: Provisioning Parameters for VoIP CPE
  TR-092: Broadband Remote Access Server (BRAS) Requirements Document TR-111: Applying TR-069 to Remote Management of Home Networking Devices
    TR-133: TR-064 Extensions for Service Differentiation
Click here to download all Technical Reports associated with Release 1.0.

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