Marketing Reports

Marketing Report

MRApproval Year/MonthWork Area
MR-453: Fixed Access Network Sharing (FANS) Technical Overview2019/04SDN and NFV
MR-433: The Key to Optimizing Quality of Experience2018/10Architecture and Migration
MR-430: Cloud Central Office (CloudCO)2018/09SDN and NFV
MR-432: Fixed Access Network Sharing (FANS)2018/08SDN and NFV
OB-BAA-002: Open Broadband-Broadband Access Abstraction Overview2018/08
MR-427: 5G Fixed-Mobile Convergence2018/07Wireline-Wireless Convergence
MR-404: Traffic Management in Multi-Service Access Networks2017/09
MR-363: Home Network Diagnostics Tools and Mechanisms” is locked MR-363: Home Network Diagnostics Tools and Mechanisms2017/03
MR-276: Lessons Learned from IPv4 to IPv6 Migration and Guidance for Future Deployment2016/10
MR-311: Overview of Fiber Infrastructure Management Systems2016/07
MR-350: Ethernet Virtual Private Networks for Integrated, Scalable Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPN Services2016/02
MR-278: Managing Machine-to-Machine Systems with CWMP2015/11
MR-257 Issue 2: An Overview of G.993.5 Vectoring2014/03
MR-316: Multi-Service Broadband Network Architecture Evolution2014/01
MR-261: Motivation for Testing xDSL Splitters and In-Line Filters2012/05
MR-257: An Overview of G.993.5 Vectoring2012/05
MR-180: Achieving Quality IPTV over DSL2012/03
MR-239: Broadband Forum Value Proposition for Connected Home2011/04
MR-235: Considerations in Broadband Architecture Moving to FMC2011/04
MR-229: Leveraging Standards for Next Generation Wholesale Access2010/12
MR-258: Enabling Next Generation Transport and Services using Unified MPLS2010/10
MR-230: TR-069 Deployment Scenarios2010/08
MR-238: MMBI White Paper on Use of MPLS in LTE2010/02
MR-204: Energy Efficiency, Dematerialization and the Role of the Broadband Forum2009/09
MR-186: BroadbandSuite 3.0 Companion Guide2009/09
MR-185: Next Generation Broadband Access2009/08

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