Open Broadband Software

Broadband Forum's Open Broadband initiative brings open source and open standards together, paving the way to dramatically change our industry and bring the full promise of broadband to fruition


The future of broadband will be the result of the marriage between the flexibility, innovation, and speed of “open software” and with the discipline, efficiencies, and global scale made possible by “open standards”.

Delivering excellent point solutions will always be critical. However, in a broadband ecosystem undergoing radical change of technology and approaches, focusing on individual elements alone is likely to be a limiting strategy. This is why the Forum is taking an approach to the drivers and technologies that feed broadband transformation to serve the industry and our members. By bringing together the best ideas of open source with the interoperability and standards required for mass market solutions, the Forum is bringing true innovation and scale to the industry. Broadband Forum CEO Robin Mersh spoke about the importance of the Open Broadband initiative at 2018 Broadband World Forum. For a summary of his remarks, click here.

The Open Broadband initiative permeates virtually all Broadband Forum project areas. For more information on individual projects select any of the links below.

Broadband Access Abstraction (OB-BAA)

Multiple Access Points (OB-MAP)

USP Agent (OB-USP-Agent)

Open Broadband Labs

The Broadband Forum has been creating an array of Open Broadband Labs around the world to enable open source collaboration and ensure interoperability. For more information on these labs, click here.