TR-069 Evolution to USP

Demonstrated for the first time ever at Broadband World Forum 2018, Broadband Forum USP is needed for any service provider seeking to embrace the opportunity, and overcome the complexity, of the modern connected home.

User Services Platform (USP) – The Natural Evolution of TR-069

The consumer electronics industry needs a way to bootstrap, upgrade, manage and monitor this brave new world of connected devices. When the Broadband Forum created the CPE WAN Management Protocol this same need existed for home gateways and other Customer Premises Equipment. This flagship of the Broadband Forum has of the writing of this document reached over 800 million subscribers worldwide.

This provides the perfect opportunity to leverage the expertise and experience gained with CWMP including:

  • Extending and improving upon well understood proxy scenarios to cover and device using any protocol
  • Reusing and expanding the robust Device:2 data model that accurately models network services and interfaces for connected devices, and bringing together standard models for IoT objects into one place
  • Leveraging what we’ve learned with years of use and millions of deployed decides for the new world of IoT and virtualized services

For more information on how USP will transform the Connected Home, click here.

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