BASe Series

Our fast-growing Broadband Acceleration Seminar (BASe) series provides key insights into the state of broadband innovation, technology, standards, and ecosystems.

About BASe

BASe is a Broadband Forum Seminar series that provides attendees with cutting-edge insights into new technologies for service providers, systems vendors, component ecosystem players, and analyst firms. With Broadband Forum as the organization at the confluence of virtually all of the major transformations taking place in the broadband industry, the Forum has taken on the challenge to provide at least quarterly updates to the broadband industry to deliver high value services across the whole broadband ecosystem.

Why Attend?

Our intention is to provide attendees with a new perspective on what is being created for Broadband providers and users alike, delivered by the leaders in the industry, many of whom are active participants in the Forum’s work. The goal is to both educate and to raise awareness of all things new in Broadband as we continue on the mission for a connected world with no-one left behind.

Interested in BASe Sponsorship?

BASe series events provide an unparalleled opportunity to align your brand with Broadband Forum, the communications industry’s leading organization focused on accelerating broadband innovation, standards, and ecosystem development. We are offering BASe sponsorship opportunities for companies to reach the elite Broadband Forum membership base and tap into its expansive sphere of influence.


Geoff Burke talks the future of fiber & NG-PON2 with Glen Wellbrock (Verizon) & Bernd Hesse (BBF)at BASe OFC 2019

Geoff Burke talks with Ron Heron, Nokia about the intersection of 5G and the access network at BASe OFC 2019

Bernd Hesse discusses the momentum around the Forum's Broadband Acceleration Seminar (BASe) Series

Overview of BASe OFC 2019

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