Sven Ooghe (Nokia), BBF Work Area Co-Director for Common YANG, talks about the latest BBF activities in driving YANG models globally and best practices

DT Demo leaders Kristian Larsson and Mikael Abrahamson talk through their NETCONF/YANG demonstration and its potential impact to service providers

YANG Models


TR-355 encompasses YANG Modules for FTTdp Management, allowing operators to configure and control fiber-fed nodes in the periphery of the access network using advanced software-based techniques, enabling interoperability for FTTdp management. This opens the door to agile, ultra-fast broadband services and provides further stimulus for developing technologies such as Gfast, delivering fiber-like speeds for customers connected by copper cables.

TR-355 consists of seven YANG data model software specifications: common Broadband Forum YANG types, an interface object supporting xDSL and Gfast, and the ITU‑T standardized objects for start up of Gfast or VDSL, Gfast and VDSL2 configuration, status monitoring, performance management, testing and diagnostics, and Single-Ended Line Test (SELT) and Metallic Line Test (MELT) configuration and test results. The modules are publicly available via GitHub.

New model for intellectual property

The FTTdp YANG management model is the first software deliverable written to follow the Forum’s new and groundbreaking Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy, which has been updated to streamline software licensing and meet the increasing desire of industry players to have software code included alongside traditional standards specifications to accelerate their time to market.

The Broadband Forum has been delivering TR-069 software for Residential Gateway management and configuration for more than 10 years, TR-355 breaks new ground for the Forum in that it is the first specification specifically designed and licensed for wide scale and rapid adoption by the networking industry.

Why this is important

  • For Operators: brings a clear advantage to operators looking to launch new competitive ultra-fast services such as Gfast
  • Equipment Manufacturers benefit from the set of defined industry standards needed by the operators that create a baseline for implementation
  • Meets the changing needs of the networking industry by adhering to our new and innovative IPR Policy, demonstrating the Forum’s continuing evolution
“This pioneering software-driven deliverable will enable operators to manage standardized FTTdp network elements from multiple vendors, giving more choice and flexibility as ultrafast networks are built out. It will also reduce the integration complexity of adding new network elements as networks scale and evolve to meet demanding customer requirements for advanced, assured and ultra-fast broadband services.”
~ Kevin Foster, BT & Chairman of Broadband Forum

Focus on accelerating implementation

ITU-T SG15 has welcomed the Broadband Forum’s first deliverables on the YANG modules for FTTdp management. They take the ITU-T standardized objects for management of copper access (G.hs, VDSL, G.fast, SELT and MELT) to the next level.

The Broadband Forum’s move to the state-of-the-art YANG modeling addresses operators’ needs for interoperability of management protocols and for programmability of networks, an onset to SDN/NFV evolutions. These deliverables show that collaboration between standards organizations can lead to results which benefit all players in the industry.

Gfast is an area of considerable activity within the Broadband Forum and thanks to its FTTdp Work Area – which produced TR-355 – the Forum has become a center for expertise for YANG specifications relating to broadband networks, working in close cooperation with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).


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