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Transforming the access network with gigabit capable broadband technologies

Access | Next – Preparing the Access Network to Deliver the Gigabit Experience

The broadband industry is experiencing an unprecedented and exciting period of technological upheaval. Subscriber demand for traffic continues to grow, as streaming video, cloud storage, and other applications have turned anytime, anywhere connectivity from a marketing catchphrase into reality. Access technologies such as Passive Optical Networks (PON), Gfast, and wireless continue to evolve to deliver higher and higher levels of performance over different media types into the home and business like fiber, copper, coaxial cable, and radio frequency.

Although the Broadband Forum is agnostic to transport technologies used in access networks, it plays a major role in encouraging the work that accelerates large scale deployment of access technologies. This includes the BBF Certification Programs education in the form of webinars and events (like BASe) to catalyze ecosystem development, and reference architectures and models that foster a superior broadband experience.

Fiber – Leveraging the Power of Light to Deliver the Ultimate Broadband Experience

Fiber can act as a virtually unlimited wave-guide. New technologies are emerging to take advantage of its performance advantages.

Marta Seda (Calix), BBF Work Area Director for Fiber Access Networks (FAN), discusses the latest projects and work streams within this work area

Copper/Coaxial Cable – Leveraging New Technologies Over Existing Infrastructure to Deliver a Gigabit Experience to All

Copper and coaxial cable are virtually ubiquitous in homes and businesses around the world. despite major initiatives to rapidly upgrade broadband infrastructures to fiber, the reality is that the majority of the world’s premises will still be served by existing copper and coaxial infrastructure for a long time to come. New technologies like Gfast are paving the way to deliver gigabit experiences of these legacy infrastructures.

Herman Verbueken, PHYtx co-director provides an overview of what PHYtx is and the latest updates within the area

Application Layer Testing – Introducing Standardized Quality of Experience (QoE) Testing to Broadband Networks

The variety of technologies and services delivered over the broadband network are creating challenges in understanding the Quality of Experience that end users are receiving when services are delivered across these technologies. Initiatives like Application Layer Testing (ALT) at the BBF are introducing new ways of service providers to understand their subscriber experience. Ken Ko of ADTRAN explains how in this video.