5G is the fifth generation of wireless technology, and promises to be a game-changer in terms of broadband reach and user experience. The future of broadband for consumers and businesses alike – from autonomous cars, to smart communities, to industrial IoT, to immersive education – will all rely on the speed and reliability of 5G. So what does “fixed” broadband have to do with it? The Broadband Forum says – “Everything".

David Allan, BBF Work Area Director for Wireline-Wireless Convergence, discusses the latest BBF activities in accelerating 5G networks

Broadband World Forum 2019 BASe 5G Workshop: BT Principal Consultant for Next Gen Access and Ethernet Simon Fisher explores a 5G converged architecture

Broadband World Forum 2019 BASe 5G Workshop: Telstra Group Owner of Broadband and Media Chris Hill discusses the path forward to 5G

Broadband World Forum 2019 BASe 5G Workshop: DT Senior Architect, Project Manager, and Team Leader - Strategic & Technology Innovation Dr. Gerhard Kadel speaks to enabling converged connectivity by 5G

Broadband World Forum 2019 BASe 5G Workshop: Verizon Director - Broadband & Gaming Lance Koenders and Associate Fellow Device Technology - Premises Architecture Mike Talbert explore 5G residential gateway trends and requirements

The 5G Transport work addresses the requirements and anticipated migration of the 5G transport network to accommodate the anticipated new demands generated by the introduction of 5G globally.

Dave Sinicrope, Work Area Director of Access and Transport Architecture, provides an in depth update of progress achieved