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Organization of the BBF


A look at just one of the BBF working groups:

The Service Provider Action Council (SPAC)


The Service Provider Action Council (SPAC) is an advisory group that-

  • Brings the Service Provider community together to offer the Broadband Forum continuous direction on industry requirements and areas of innovation.
  • Works together to ensure that strategic work items have the service provider engagement needed to achieve timely standards development and approval.


The organization is continuously evolving especially in the area of new projects and software-driven models for the telecoms industry.

For the latest information, please visit the BBF wiki:

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Work Areas and Project Streams

There are many concurrent projects under development in the Forum.

Although they generally fall under the Work Areas and experienced guidance of the Directors many involving SDN management, DevOps, software and testing draw upon existing and new work across the groups. The current practice has become to drive new work from promising end-user or operator use-cases leading to rapid deployment ahead of formal definitional work.

  • The best way to way to influence, contribute and actively participate is to join the Forum
  • The various project streams under way are introduced by the project leaders on this site
  • The best way to track the latest developments is to join the Forum as an auditing member



Work Areas (WAs)

Access and Transport Architecture (ATA)



Broadband User Services (BUS)



Fiber Access Networks (FAN)



Physical Layer Transmission (PHYtx)






Wireline-Wireless Convergence (WWC)



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