Service Provider Action Council (SPAC)

Composed of the world's leading service providers, SPAC provides critical direction on industry requirements and necessary areas of innovation to drive timely standards development and approval

More than just an industry advisory group, SPAC is a key strategic contributor to Broadband Forum’s success, bringing together the industry’s leading service providers to offer continuous direction on necessary standards development and ensure operator engagement. The Council, which meets face to face in private, at the beginning of every Broadband Forum quarterly meeting and virtually in the interim if necessary, sets the tone for each of the Forum’s quarterly meetings, acting as a collective voice to help focus ongoing Forum efforts, address issues surrounding obstacles to market or specification success and determine actions necessary to removing obstacles hindering the Service Provider community in other ways.

SPAC is currently chaired by Mauro Tilocca of Telecom Italia.

The result is that service provider requirements stay front and central to all Broadband Forum work, timelines, and deliverables – accelerating time-to-market and ensuring relevancy and value. If you are an operator, join Broadband Forum and the SPAC and ensure that your company has a voice in shaping the future of broadband!


Broadband Forum members who want to learn more about the SPAC can discover more detail on the wiki here.

SPAC Mission

The Service Provider Action Council (SPAC) is a formal Broadband Forum Board and Work Area advisory group, made up exclusively of service providers that:

  • Brings the Service Provider community together to offer Broadband Forum continuous direction on industry requirements and areas of innovation.
  • Works together to ensure that strategic work items have the service provider engagement needed to achieve timely standards development and approval.

SPAC Objective

  • To engage Service Providers to communicate and prioritize their market driven technical requirement, provide forum leadership and interact with vendors and the Broadband Forum Technical and Marketing Committees for real world impact and benefit of the broadband industry.
  • To provide a forum for all Service Provider members to share best practices, and experiences through planned, stimulated discussion on items of shared concern and/or opportunity.

SPAC Value Proposition

  • Ensures that Service Provider requirements stay front and central to all Broadband Forum work, timelines and deliverables.
  • Offers direction on areas of innovation that will require new Broadband Forum initiatives to ensure global broadband specifications are updated and interoperability is established proactively with a goal of day one interoperability for these new service areas.
  • Ensures Service Provider requirements are addressed by Broadband Forum and communicated to other SDOs and trade associations as appropriate.
  • Provides a venue for Service Providers to share best practices and lessons learned, as well as discuss contribution and collateral support confidentially.
  • Offers Technical Work Area consultation/direction for critical items needing real world provider requirements and expectations.
  • Arbitration issues regarding Working Texts or other outputs/deliverables.
  • Provides assistance and input to Marketing Committee on regional/global messaging.
  • Encourages Service providers to incorporate Releases, Technical Reports, certification programs or other recognized outputs into their broadband development plans.