Software Defined Networking (SDN), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), Cloud technologies are redefining the traditional Central Office and making way for an agile future

Broadband Forum CloudCO Projects Transform Traditional Access and Aggregation Architectures

Cloud Central Office (CloudCO) is a recasting of the Central Office hosting infrastructure that utilizes SDN, NFV and Cloud technologies to support network functions. It radically redefines the architectures of the access  and aggregation networks that have developed incrementally in previous Broadband Forum specifications such as TR-101 and TR-178.

The CloudCO’s functionality can be accessed through a northbound API, allowing Operators, or 3rd parties, to consume its functionality, while hiding how the functionality is achieved from the API consumer. In order to achieve this, SDN & NFV are leveraged, running on a cloud-like infrastructure deployed at Central Offices.

George Dobrowski, Work Area Director for SDN and NFV, provides an overview of the latest activity at BBF Q3 2019 meeting

Broadband Forum and ONF Ease the Path to Automated and Open Virtualized Access Networks

A new agreement between Broadband Forum and the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) sets forth how operators seeking to effectively use virtualization and open source to increase agility can leverage open source and standardization projects side-by-side to ease their migrations to automated access networks and enable seamless co-existence. Broadband Forum and ONF believe that many types of carrier deployments would benefit from the capabilities offered by OB-BAA and SEBA/VOLTHA. The cooperation between the two organizations takes their work to the next level, providing an effective and efficient path for operators to leverage the innovations and benefits of both initiatives while ensuring interoperability, high performance, scalability and maximum reliability. A whitepaper providing more detail on the relationship between OB-BAA and SEBA/VOLTHA open source projects can be found here.

A press release announcing the cooperation between the two organizations can be found here.

Broadband World Forum 2019 Interop Pavilion: OB-BAA Chair Tim Carey shares the CloudCO Demonstration featuring OB-BAA and OB Labs

Executive Insight: Cloud CO