Partnering/Liaisons with BBF

Broadband Forum has always committed to cooperation in the wider telecommunications industry. The Forum champions innovative work throughout the industry and always look to avoid duplication of effort.

To drive aligned industry progress, the Broadband Forum has established liaison relationships with, and communicates its ongoing work and specifications to, many different Standard Development Organizations (SDO’s) and industry Fora. The Broadband Forum invites input and feedback from the industry to help ensure work is well coordinated aligned across the industry. These Liaison Relationships vary in their formality depending on the partner organization and situation.

Submitting Liaisons:

All liaisons to the Broadband Forum should be addressed to the current Broadband Forum TC Chair with a carbon copy (CC:) to liaisons(at)

Liaisons may be received in many formats, e.g., as emails, as Microsoft Office documents (.doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, etc.), Adobe Acrobat files (.pdf), text files (.txt, .rtf) and/or archive files (.zip). For questions, please contact


Below is a non exhaustive list of organizations that we regularly communicate with on technical questions and projects.

For a listing of the Broadband Forum Liaison Officers, visit the BBF wiki HERE. (login required) or email