Member Benefits

Our Passion

Delivering on the promise of broadband by enabling:
  • Innovation – Catalyze smarter and faster broadband networks
  • Collaboration – Cultivate a thriving broadband ecosystem
  • Agility – Prepare open standards/software for real-world deployment
  • Scale – Foster mass markets & global adoption


Composed of the industry’s leading:
  • Service Providers
  • Vendors
  • Integrators and Consulting Engineers
  • Component Manufacturers
  • Analyst and Researchers

How do I get engaged with the Broadband Forum?

Technical Contributions
  • Robust Wiki and Jira/Confluence Tools
  • Weekly/Bi-weekly Project Meetings
  • Quarterly BBF Meetings
Education & Demonstration
  • BASe
  • Broadband World Forum Interop Pavilion
  • TNO’s Ultra-Fast Broadband Seminar
  • BBF Webinar
  • Gfast
  • NG-PON2 Council
  • Optical Infrastructure
  • Connected Home
  • Future: Marketing, Security
Plugfests & Interop Certification
  • Broadband Forum Certified
  • Gfast Certified
  • BBF.247 G-PON Certification
  • TR-069
  • Principal (Large, Small, Start-up)
  • Auditing (Large, Small)
  • Associate/Regional Operator
  • Sponsorship Packages

Who we are


The industry’s leading broadband operators, vendors, and thought leaders.


Our 70+ project areas and working groups collaborate to:

  • Define best practices for global network deployment
  • Enable new revenue-generating service & content delivery
  • Establish technology migration strategies
  • Engineer critical device, service & development management tools in the home and business IP networking infrastructure

We develop multi-service broadband packet networking specifications addressing architecture, device and service management, software data models, interoperability and certification in the broadband market.

Educators & Ambassadors

We share our passion for broadband with the world – Our BASe series, webinars, and positioning paper provide the latest insights into cutting edge technologies, the state of the broadband ecosystem, and best practices across technology and marketing.

The Benefits of Broadband Forum Membership

Principal Member 
  • Shape the industry
  • Create massive markets
  • Collaborate with industry leaders on new projects
  • Join and form new ground-breaking initiatives
Auditing Member
  • Track new developments ahead of the market
  • Access the rapidly growing library of almost 19,000 contributions
  • Access more than 2,000 collaborative pages
  • Make informed decisions
Associate Member/Regional Operator
  • Participate
  • Collaborate with 1,500 active participants
  • Network with industry leaders
Start-up Member 
  • Jump-start your industry visibility
  • Develop relationships
  • Partner with industry colleagues and clients

Choosing the right membership level

Principal Membership

Simply put, anyone serious about leadership at this innovative time in the Broadband community should be a principal member to help steer the industry and accelerate their own commercial plans. For service providers it affords the opportunity to keep the market focused on practical solutions that will drive end-customer and wholesale revenues. Principal membership offers the most value and avoids the risk of missing out on new initiatives that can change the market. The questions you should ask is not “Why should we join?” but “Why have we NOT joined?”

Small Company Principal Membership

This represents the best value in the industry for such an influential role. The level of membership is geared for growing coompanies or companies that focus on smaller niche markets.

Startup Company

This new membership level is geared for startup companies that bring new hardware, components, software or services to market. Goal: encourage new member participation for market entrants and provide the opportunity for innovative contributions and direct communication with potential clients.

Auditing Membership

This is a great option for (i) growing companies seeking recognition for new products. (ii) Local and regional Internet service providers wanting to use the Broadband Forum work to enable new growth opportunities but have limited resources to make contributions. (iii) Companies with limited resources but who need to obtain independent guidance on best practices for implementation of SDN, NFV,, 5G, IoT, converged wireline/wireless software models and interoperability in Broadband networks. (v) Consumer electronics companies, OTT providers, etc. who wish to track adjacent technology and business areas but do not have the available resources to actively contribute.

Small Auditing Membership

Added for small auditing members with the same benefits.

Associate Membership

This is open to government organizations, educational institutions and non-profit industry associations. It provides a very affordable way to fully participate and use the independent work and best practices documents of the Forum to set implementation strategies based on the industry’s collective best minds.

Regional Operator Membership

This is open to service providers with fewer than 500,000 broadband subscribers. It provides a very affordable way for smaller operators to get involved in the standards process and ensure that their unique requirements are incorporated into the standards and certification development process. It also allows you to fully participate and use the independent work and best practices documents of the Forum to set implementation strategies based on the industry’s collective best minds.