Connected Home Council

The Connected Home council was formed to centralize and disseminate the expertise and experience of the Connected Home market in order to facilitate the rapid deployment of Connected Home implementations.

MARKET UPDATE: Realizing the Promise of the Connected Home with User Services Platform (TR-369) MU-461

The Connected Home Council brings together players in broadband access, smart home, in-home networking, Wi-Fi, and consumer electronics to collaborate on technical and marketing strategy, communicate solutions, and advocate for a standardized, secure, easy-to-deploy, and monetizable connected home/business.

Connected Home Council members are strategy and marketing professionals from technology companies in telecom, cable, Wi-Fi, consumer electronics, data analytics, security, and privacy. The council meets through regular teleconferences to receive business input to connected home solutions, generate content and collateral to promote standards and open technologies, present at tradeshows and industry forums, and coordinate with the wider connected home community.

Interested in participating?