The Ambassadors Program

Ambassadors drawn primarily from Forum Officers, Directors, ex-Officio Board Members, and selected member representatives agree to

  • Promote the work of the Broadband Forum and the Broadband industry
  • Raise awareness and educate relevant groups regarding the Broadband Forum
  • Share the value of membership to potential new members and encourge them to join the BBF community

Ambassadors represent the forum at conferences, trade shows, meetings of other industry bodies and with regulatory, research, government and other higher level bodies.

Ambassadors are approved by the Forum CEO. To request an Ambassador, please click here.

Members will find details on the Ambassadors’ page on the members’ wiki

Forum Ambassador Profiles

Robin Mersh
BBF Chief Executive Officer.
Languages Spoken: English
Christele Bouchat
BBF Innovation Group Director.
Standarization Expert and R&I Project Leader, Nokia.
Languages Spoken: English, French, Dutch
Roberto David Carnero Ros.
BBF Member.
Senior Systems Engineer, Ericsson.
Languages Spoken: English and Spanish
Thierry Doligez
BBF Member.
Sales Director, LAN digital LAB.
Languages Spoken: French, English
George Dobrowski
BBF SDN & NFV WA Director.
Senior Analyst, Huawei Technologies.
Languages Spoken: English
Marcin Drzymala
BBF Member,
Languages Spoken: English, Polish
Kevin Foster
BBF Chairman & Board Member
BT, Head of Standards.
Languages Spoken: English
Yves Hertoghs
BBF Member. Distinguished Engineer,
Languages Spoken: English, Dutch
Bernd Hesse
BBF Board Member. Senior Director Technology Development, Calix.
Languages Spoken: English, German
Lincoln Lavoie
BBF Technical Committee Chair.
Senior Engineer, Broadband Technologies, University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory.
Languages Spoken: English
Sven Ooghe
BBF FTTdp WA Director
Network Analyst, Office of the CTO, Access Network Division, Nokia
Languages Spoken: Dutch, English, French
Manuel Paul
BBF Board Member, Senior Expert International Standardization, Deutsche Telekom.Languages Spoken: English, German
David Sinicrope
BBF Vice President and Board Member; Director IP and Broadband Standardization, Ericsson
Languages Spoken: English