BBF.247 GPON ONU Certification

Catalyzing the mass deployment of fiber access services globally

In 2010, the Broadband Forum established the Fiber Access Networks (FAN) Work Area, which has a close relationship to the sister working groups at FSAN. The Forum’s latest fiber related initiatives include access agnostic remote management specifications, new GPON network solutions and PON device data models, improving providers’ ability to deploy hybrid networks and manage the digital home efficiency regardless of broadband transportation means. All the work to develop technical specifications related to Optical Access Nodes and associated test plans for conformance and inter-vendors interoperability takes place at (or is reviewed at) our quarterly meetings-so you know exactly where to go to ensure your requirements are met and your products are part of these industry critical global plugfests and certification program.

The success of GPON technologies has taken a significant step forward with the launch of the market’s first ever BBF.247 GPON Certification Program. To help the industry expedite fiber network rollout, this global BBF.247 GPON ONU Certification program helps pave the way for swift expansion of superfast broadband and the development of new technologies. It is based on test plans developed by the Broadband Forum and work undertaken jointly with FSAN (Full Service Access Network).


ITU-T PON Certification Guidelines (OD-475) are available on the BBF Wiki. Click here. (Need an account to access? Sign up here.)

In 2013 the BBF.247 certification program was expanded to address a variety of ONUs; testing various VLAN profiles and functionality. The program is open to all GPON ONU products with Ethernet Interfaces and is based on the Broadband Forum’s ATP-247/IR-247 test plan. It tests conformance to TR-156 using OMCI as defined in the ITU G.988, which are the most critical standards to interoperable implementations. Additional test cases and modules for other configurations and functionalities will be added in the future to keep up with evolving requirements.

The Broadband Forum has reviewed and authorized the following independent testing agency to administer the approved BBF.247 tests and assess eligibility of products for the Broadband Forum Certification. For more information or to schedule testing, please contact the laboratory directly:

    • Since 2009, the BBF has collaborated with FSAN (Full Service Access Network) on interoperability testing plugfests on the physical, TC and upper layers for GPON, with FSAN leading on the first two and BBF on the last.
Fiber test plans: