USP/TR-369 Training Sessions

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With enhanced entertainment and IoT the Connected Home presents service providers with unparalleled opportunities and challenges. Now is the time to rethink how the broadband experience is delivered and measured in the home and business. All the way from the content to the Wi-Fi User interface.

TR-369 or User Service Platform (USP) is the evolution of TR-069 with the enhanced user experience in mind. It has been designed and built by the service providers and vendors of Broadband Forum by leveraging the experience of deployment managed services through complex network environments.

As part of this significant global industry initiative The Broadband Forum Connected Home Council is hosting a series of FREE TRAINING SESSIONS on USP/TR-369 surrounding the BBF’s Q2 Virtual Meeting the weeks of June 15th and 22nd. These sessions are open to the public.

Please view the workshops below and register for each session that interests you FREE of charge.

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1Tuesday, June 1612:00 UTC (30 min webinar + 15 min Q&A)USP Overview: Why standards, why now?
2Tuesday, June 1616:15 UTC (30 min webinar + 15 min Q&A)USP Configuration and Discovery
3Wednesday, June 1712:00 UTC (30 min webinar + 15 min Q&A)Using USP Alerts and Events
4Wednesday, June 1716:15 UTC (30 min webinar + 15 min Q&A)Using USP Defined Commands
5Thursday, June 1812:00 UTC (30 min webinar + 15 min Q&A)Statistics and Monitoring in USP
6Tuesday, June 2312:00 UTC (30 min webinar + 15 min Q&A)USP End-to-end Secure Communication
7Tuesday, June 2316:15 UTC (30 min webinar + 15 min Q&A)Applications of the USP Multi-controller Architecture
8Wednesday, June 2412:00 UTC (30 min webinar + 15 min Q&A)Implementing the Open Source USP Agent (OBUSP-A)
9Wednesday, June 2416:15 UTC (30 min webinar + 15 min Q&A)Using USP for Managed Wi-Fi & Mesh WiFi
10Thursday, June 2512:00 UTC (30 min webinar + 15 min Q&A)Get Certified: The USP Agent Certification Program