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Driving unified home networking services and devices over any wire with

Home Networking Related Testing (

The ITU developed as the first global home networking standard created to unify home networking services and devices over any wire, including coaxial cable, phone lines and power lines. The HomeGrid Forum and the Broadband Forum are working together to develop an interoperability program to verify the adherence to the ITU standard. The Broadband Forum’s role is to lead the development of the test requirements documents and test plan to be used in the HomeGrid’s formal Compliance and Interoperability program.

Test Plans & associated work:
  • TR-208: Performance Test Plan For In-premises Powerline Communication Systems
  • OD-195: Test Plan for interoperability plugfests (in development)
  • SD-256: Use Case Scenarios (in development)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The test houses involved in this program are independent third parties, and The Broadband Forum will accept test reports from test houses without further verification. The Broadband Forum takes no responsibility for, and shall have no liability as a result of, any action, inaction, error, breach or deficiency of a test house.